The Prayer of Qadhae Umari

How to pray missed prayer of earlier life :If the prayer of Zuhar of that day was missed ,the Qadha of this prayer will be prayed  after the Asr prayer or the Maghrib prayers of that day. He will make intention first for 4 Rakat of the Qadha of the missed prayer of the Zuhar for Allah, his face will be towards Ka’ba Shreef, with oral assume by ‘saying’ Allahu Akbar and putting his hand over hand to be bound aiming that I am praying Qadha of missed prayer from the serial number of the Zuhar. He will begin intention of Qadha Prayer from the time of the missed Prayer of Zuhar then he will set the intention to perform total number of the missed prayers serially.

“If a person did Tauba, the repentance of his missed prayer of his early and past ages are obligatory”, so this kind of the prayers will not be forgiven, but his sin will not be counted after Tauba. If he will not perform the Qadha of his missed prayer, it will be sinful person, if anyone person had missed some prayers, and it has not yet been prayed by him and time of his death have reached, in this case there are two forms of Qadha of the prayer(1) If he made redemption of his missed prayers and left the property to assume that the goods will have to be paid as a sadqah Fitr of the missed prayer and as a ransom of missed prayer by the amount of 1 k and 575 kg  wheat or its value will must been out of his third part of the property by his descendants.

If he had not made a recommendation or not left the property, in this case, his descendant will not pay anything. If they would paid dues, the died person will be freed from any kind of the dues in front of Allah. ( Fatawa Shami vol 5 pp 532).