The Prayer of Passenger

Traveller will shortened his prayer in journey, when he will performing journey as a passenger, legally traveling more than 82 KM from the exit of his city, less travel of this measurement will  not be valid legally ,In this situation he will not become a passenger. In case of passenger, he WILL shorten midday prayer, afternoon prayer, evening prayer.  He will perform 2 Rakat of Sunnate Muakkidah of morning prayer only not more. The Sunnah of other prayer will be left, whether Sunnate Muakkidah or Sunnate Ghair Muakkidah,so he will not be blamed for this release. If you are not hurry up, or may be fearful to be left alone from their partners, or afraid from goods which will be being stolen, he should pray whole Sunnah totally, he will not reduce their prayer of Sunnate Muakkidah. He will not reduce morning, evening prayer, and Witr Prayer. There will not be chance of reduction in the Witr prayer. The prayer is necessary to be shortened from where he has travelled Legally, if he intends to stay less than 15 days. If he intends to be resident of this area for more than 15 days, in this case he would become the resident of this Area.