The Prophecy (Risalat)

The Prophet Mohammad was born in Mecca. He was born on 9 Rabiul Awwal or the 12 Rabi Awwal (Monday) ,20 April AD 571 A D.
Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).His father’s name was Abdullah and His mother’s name was Amina. The name of His Tribe is Quraish.  After the 25 years of age and 2 month ,He married with a widow ,named Khadijatul Kubra (RA).He had married with 11 women, 4 girls and 2 boys were born by Khadijatul Kubra like Fatimah Zahrah, Zainab, Umm Kulthum,  Qasim and Tahir. Only Ibrahim was born by a slave women.

He was given Prophecy after 40 years of ages. In the beginning He was spreading the Islam in secret way, then gradually people began to accept Islam. He had completed the age of 63 years of His life. He had spent 13 years in Mecca and 10 in Medina.