Description of Funeral Prayer

Funeral prayers is a captioned duty. The duty of two things, (1) Reciting 4 times Takbeer (2) Setting up standing up. Other thing are Sunnah.

How to pray funeral Prayer, it will be prayed with the intention of  additional 4 Takbeer of Fardh Kifaya after the putting forward the dead body in straight line. This is maximize captioned funeral duty for God’s blessings for the dead person backing to side of Imam Lifting his Hands up to the ears like Takbeer Tahrima. Saying Allahu Akbar he will bind his hands over hand. These will be tied up after the first Takbeer and then he will recite praise(سبحانك اللهم و بحمدك وتبارك اسمك وتعالي جدك وجل ثناءك ولا إله غيرك) then he should say second Takbeer takbir Allah Akbar (الله أكبر) without lifting his hands but he will reciteاللهم صلي علي محمد وعلي آل محمد كما صليت وسلمت وباركت ورحمت وترحمت علي إبراهيم وعلي آل إبرهيم إنك حميد مجيد( blessingon the holy Prophet  Mohammad, follower of Mohammad and Ibrahim and his followers. The third time he will met Takbeer Allahu Akbar, if there is a dead body of a mature man or woman,the  prayer will be recited as:
اللهم اغفرلحينا وميتنا وشاهدنا وغائبنا وصغيرنا وكبيرنا وذكرنا وأنثانا
اللهم من أحييته منا فأحيه علي الإسلام ومن توفيته منا فتوفه علي الإيمان

If the dead body of the minor boy they will recite the following prayer as : اللهم أجعله لنا فرطا واجعله لنا أجراو ذخراوجعله لنا شافعا ومشففعا.

If the dead body of the minor girl they will recite the following prayer as اللهم أجعلها لنا فرطا واجعلها لنا أجراو ذخراوجعلها لنا شافعة ومشففعا.

After that he will repeat Allhu Akbar, then he will recite

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
‘ At first he will salute the right side, then turn his face to the left.