The Description of Zakat (Charitable Taxes)

Quran had expressed the value of the Congregational prayer, along with the importance of paying Zakat. The different verses of the holy Quraan had depicted that man would be safer from any kind of sinful work by the performing prayer like the property, it also would be safe from any kind of losses.

The Zakat is the obligatory on every, adult Muslim man, woman, who has of course of much gold, silver, or jewellery or merchandising goods which have become vacant  from necessary needs and debts over the past year and loans. The Zakat will be obligatory due on him.

The Due Course of Zakat

Fifty-Seven and 6 masha gold in weight or silver ornaments worth: Rs of fifty-two Tola and 6 masha worth of trading goods which are purchased with the intention to be traded. Or things to be found in the amount of course of the obligatory Zakat charity, in this case Zakat will be paid obligatory. The Zakat will be paid to the nearer relatives first who are not wealthy and it will be very wrong to pay Zakat to the wealthy person. In this case Zakat will not be paid. After paying Zakat his property will become the neat and cleaned, However, one rupee will be paid as Zakat The forty rupees of the property will be imposed obligatory, such as I money from 40 Rupees and 2 and half money from Rs 100 will be paid compulsorily.