Rules ,Regulation And Arrangement Of Umrah

Before understanding the Rules and Regulation and Method of Umrah here  particularly keep in mind , Allah may save from your every miseries and You will be spared from the loss here, there will be very much crowed,some times partners will be departed from each other, therefore all of You already decide specially signs, Gate No and symbols be marked or fixed and making sure that during Tawaaf, if Your second partner was lost of any friend, or departed from You ,so all of You should come to this place together searching out the man, particularly when you with  woman so taking care will be very necessary. Now performing ‘ Umrah is very easy for You, You have to do in just four to work: Ihram,Tawwaf,Sa’ie,Halq or Qasr.
(۱) the intention and reciting the talbiyah as لبيك اللهم لبيك ،لبيك لا شريك لك لبيك إن الحمد والنعمة والملك لا شريك لك then binding Ihraam , this work, you have already done fefore.

(۲)Performing Tawaaf around the Ka’bah, to walk quickly and uncover the right shoulder

Outlook share their praise bring Outlook” read, this work is already taken, you have to enter ihraam. with seven round Tawaaf around.

Kaaba” is called to apply the seven round cleanly around Baitullah. If Ablution ,broken, stop this in same place , from there by a series of  Tawwaf can be completed, but better that Tawaf  will be begin from the beging.

“To walk strong manner “with shaking shoulder  and steping nearer  means a little almost puting steps, stirring the کاندھے shoulder,  inclusive, such as runs wan as pahwal runs in the boxing Arena, these are in the first three circuits of Tawaaf ,

Imparting the sheet of Ihram from the right  armpit to the to the left armpit  and and right shoulder will be empty, these Istiagh will be applied in the seven of round of Tawwaf  after  Remember that! Ramal and Istigh will be applied only in that Tawaf  after which the Sa’yie will be obligatory , in avoluntary Tawaaf, he would not have to do Ramal and Iatibagh ,Ramal will be considered Masnoon only the first three rounds, if someone have forgot it in three round of Tawwaf , he shall not do Ramal after the remaining rounds , because as in first three rounds Ramal will be considered Sunnah such as geomancy is the Sunnah to not  Ramal and  after the completion of the seven  round of the Tawwaf  the process pf Tawwaf will be finished. The  right shoulder  will be covered , some people are in a State of Istibagh in prayer, remember that it will be considered makrooh. (Syrian, c III, p 205-115/Ghunyatin Nasik p.99-100

(iii) Doing Sa’yee Between Safa and Marwah . The intention,will be in this way, “Oh Allah! I doing endeavor to for Umrah,  make it easy. (Iv) Halq means cleaning hair, and Qasr e means cutting hair. (Syrian, c 3p.365) If You just did the four works, your Umrah occurred place and become complete. And remember that Two action of the four works will be obliged to  do as a duty, and two other will be considered ‘ obligatory.