Entering Haram Mosque

You have to perform ablution to “go towards the Haram” Mosque with humility and reciting Talbiya frequently. You to have to enter the any door of the Masjide Haram , Place right foot first according to Sunnah with the intention of mind to make the I’atikaf (retreat), so unless you will be rewarded by retreat until remaining in the Sacred mosque. At the time of entering You will recite the following prayer بسم الله والصلوة والسلام      علي رسول الله اللهم إغفرلي ذنوبي وإفتح لي أبواب رحمتك نويت سنة الإعتكاف”(Tirmidhi  Shreef P.413).

When you reached inside of the Mosque sufficiently  or entered fully You will recite  الله أكبرthree times “لاإله إلاالله” three times ” and الحمد لله three time “praising   الله سبحانه تعالي ” Some scholars said that when they are looking at الله    بيتthey will recite orientation  of Eid Prayer one time as  الله اكبر لاإله إلاالله والله اكبر ولله الحمد praising Allah, “and maximizing the prayers.

At the time of looking on the Hram Mosque all prayers would be accepted by Allha  تعاليسبحانه. (Shami, Volume 3 / p. 205), it is also recommended that you will call recite this prayer as: “Oh Allah! Oh my Lord accept my legitimate aspirations to my death and accept my that prayers which You like. Except these you can also, recite other prayers which You desired, You can ask , how long You can recite it, for your selves, for our families, and the people. You will earnestly will pray to Allah تعاليسبحانه , then Allah تعاليسبحانه will surely accept Your all prayers.

The Difference Between The Three Kinds Of Hajj

In Hajje Ifrad: the People will have the intention of the performing Haj only ” , Hajje Qiran will be perform  with the intention of Haj and  Umrah both”. And Hajje Tamatto will be with the intention of Umrah only. The second difference : Ihram will be remained to the end of the process of Haj in Hajjae Ifrad and in Hajje Qiran and Umrah  and  Ihram will be put on after the completing the process of Umra in Tamtto then the Hujjaj will be remained living in their clothes then they begins the process of Ihram on 8 /zul Hijjah. (Shami 755 / to 365)

The third difference: “In the Qiran and Tamattoa sacrifice will be recommended compulsory, when Qurbani w in Hajje Ifrad will be recommended Mustahab.

“Hajje Tamatoa” is recommended preferably better in all of three above categories. You have to do first Umrah after reaching to Mkakkah, and have to make the intention of the mind such as اللهم إني أريد العمرة ويسرها لي وتقبلها مني “” Oh Allah! So I intend to do Umrah kindly accept it from me .then You will recite Talbia لبيك  لبيك

لبيك    إن الحمد والنعمة لك والملك لا شريك لك